New Opportunities Waiver

The New Opportunities Waiver replaced the Mentally Retarded and Developmentally Disabled Waiver in 2003. The goal of the program is to uphold self-determination to supplement the family while the recipient is in the community. The services offered by NOW are almost the same as CCW except that it highlights self-empowerment through these services:

Residential Opportunity Waiver

The Residential Options Waiver (ROW) program provides services in the home and in the community to individuals of all ages who are eligible to receive OCDD waiver services. It is a capped waiver where the person’s individual annual budget is based upon the person’s assessed support needs. Supports needs are determined by an Inventory for Client and Agency Planning (ICAP) assessment. Beneficiaries may choose to self-direct all or part of his/her Community Living Supports.

Community Choice Waiver

The EDA waiver provides qualified elderlies and adults with certain home or community-based services that they can benefit from. This however, does not include 24/7 support like private duty care. But those who are qualified can enjoy the following services:


Having someone to assist our senior and disabled loved one in their daily activities is very vital for them to live conveniently and comfortably. It is equally beneficial for family members who are standing as caregivers, as this will liberate them from the responsibility of monitoring and assisting patients every day. Our personal care attendants are skilled and equipped to actually do more help than what has been listed above. Feel free to set a schedule for a consultation today so you will see how helpful getting your patient’s own personal attendant can be. Call us today at 337-264-7128.

Supervised Independent Living

Here at New Day Personal Care Services, we listen to the needs of developmentally disabled, mentally challenged, and physically incapacitated individuals. Not only do we understand their physical and daily-living needs but we also see through their longing for emotional affirmation and even social engagement.

This is why our Supervised Independent Living does not only offer comfortable but dignified and happy living, as well, for these people. 

Respite Care

Caregivers are subjected to high levels of stress and fatigue on a daily basis. If they don’t attend to themselves appropriately, they have a high risk of developing conditions borne out of physical, mental, and emotional distress. But you don’t have to let this happen to you or to another loved one. You can always choose to get respite care services periodically so you can get your much-deserved break from all your responsibilities.


The Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) is a federally-approved and endorsed service which provides thorough and preventive health services for Medicaid-qualified children from age 0 to 21. This program has been set up to ensure that children get access to critical health services that will improve their health conditions. 

Children’s Choice Waiver

Children’s Choice Waiver was began on 2001 to provide supplementary support to disabled children and their families to get access to Medicaid services while being cared for and attended to at home. As a part of our holistic approach to serve our disabled patients, we accept cases which are qualified for children’s choice waiver. New Day Personal Care Services guarantees equality the cases which are brought to our agency. Call us today for more information about Children’s Choice Waiver and how we can help you start getting your assistance, today.